Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

The website (www.axe.ge) is the property of ACVEA.COM LLC (ID 200253322).

If you have access to this website, you can place an order and perform other operations from this site, which means that you agreed to the terms of use of our website. If you do not agree with these terms, you will not be able to use this site.

Any questions related to the terms of the contract and the following tasks you can send to info@axe.ge or contact our call center

 phone:  +995 505 05 06 09.

1. General Conditions

Definition of terms

We , “ACVEA.COM” LLC, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”;

You are a person who has access to the website, as well as a legal entity on whose behalf an individual has access to the Site.

The Agreement – this document.

   Using the website:

You  confirm , that you are an 18-year-old or 16-year-old person who has permission from the appropriate people to validate this agreement, receive the Services through the Website and use the appropriate funds;
You confirm the terms of use of the website by agreement;

   You provide us with the complete and accurate information that we request in order to use our services;

 You protect copyright and intellectual property rights, do not copy or distribute information on the site in whole or partly, in any form;

   You will strictly protect the security and confidentiality of your personal account, not disclose your security information to third parties in order to protect your personal account information;
 You will not take any other action aimed at the personal and confidential information of another user, including finding out the account security codes and personal assets of the other user;

   You do not represent yourself as another user and do not use the personal data and accounts of other users;

You will not take any action that could hinder the proper functioning of the Website or the Services; You will not take any action prohibited by law, this agreement and the terms of service provided by this website.


Products can be purchased online by ordering them (after registration).

By registering or accessing the Site, you agree that you will only provide us with accurate and complete information during the registration process and update this information in the case of a change.

During registration you will receive an individual authorization (with your username and password “Account”). When entering “axe.ge”, no other individual   or legal entity has the right to use its services. You are responsible for preventing these types of unauthorized use. Individuals and legal entities who are prohibited from accessing the website and using the services provided by “axe.ge” are not entitled to register  to open an account, Your personal account cannot be trusted to this kind of individuals.

  You can sign up through your Facebook or Gmail pages.
If you forgot the password and you do not have access to your e-mail, you can call our call center,  phone: +995 505 050609. We will ask you a few questions to find out your personal data (mobile phone number, name, surname and / or information about the actions taken) to identify your account and restore your password.

3. Terms of service and use of website.

Our services in Georgia are available through the website. We reserve the right, in our discretion, to avoid or otherwise limit our services.

Restrictions on the use of the Website

Information on the website may be changed or removed without prior notice. We do not guarantee that the services provided by this website will function flawlessly and without gaps. You will not receive services that we believe violate legal regulations. In addition, you are prohibited from any unauthorized use of our system or this website, including unauthorized access to our system, misuse of passwords or misuse of information posted on the website. You agree that we have the right to transfer the information you provide to: 1. any person associated with our company and its authorized representative; 2. Another person or organization with your consent; 3. The right or obligation to provide information to the relevant person or authority in law cases. By using this website or the information you provide, you agree to the disclosure of such information.

4. Information about the user and the terms of its use.

We collect two types of information about our users: personally identifiable information and …